Volunteer Crew Positions

Hay Photo Film Productions in association with Kevin Straw Films is looking to expand its crew base in 2014 in order to be able to take on more film projects. The following positions are currently open although there is a strong need for a second editor.



We are looking to do more VFX intensive shoots in the future as we ramp into more action/fantasy oriented projects and are looking for additional Editing assistance.

  • Edit on Film Projects from Short Films & Web-series to Feature Films
  • Learn “Shoot to Edit Techniques” and work with the Director and DOP to plan out shots
  • Create Amazing Scenes and Story Content with VFX
  • Work on Sourcing Suitable libraries of Royalty Free Products such as 3D Models, Music/Foley, Effects, etc


Please Note: A familiarity with NLE software is required and experience with Adobe products an asset.


Production Assistant

We are looking for a production assistant to help with pre-production/production where their tasks will be help secure locations, fill out film-permit applications and coordinate with the crew to ensure everyone is well supported when it comes time to shoot.

  • Find and secure Shot Locations
    Arrange Craft Services
    Fill Out Film Permits
    Communicate Shot Lists
    Ensure that no shots are missed on site and track location and green-screen shots
    On-set crowd control


Please Note: Candidate must have good English language skills in both written and verbal forms, French language skills considered an asset.


Assistant Director

More interested in the action of a film shoot? Then assistant director is more your style. Help the director etc. get the job done by being an on-set coordinator of lighting, sounds, and camera.

  • Work with the Director to pick the best shot set-ups
  • Assist with on-set equipment set-up and break-down
  • Provide a second opinion on the direction of the scene
  • Trouble shoot technical problems to ensure the director’s vision is possible
  • B-Crew Camera DOP/Operator


Please Note: Understanding of “Shoot to Edit” and proper Story Boarding an asset.


Lighting and Sound Guy (or Gal) on set

If your interested in getting on real world indie film experience on doing lighting and sound recording, drop us a line.

  • Learning to light/capture sound in less than ideal situations
  • Holding: Sound Boom, Light Stand
  • Blue/Green Screen Set-up & Care
  • Watching Sound Levels or helping the DOP with light bleeds
  • Work on Creating Foley
  • Keeping track of battery life and ensuring the production doesn’t go dark or quiet


Please Note: No experience necessary but any past experience is an asset.


Apply today at film@hayphoto.ca with “Crew” in the subject line.


*** All positions are Volunteer and Non-Union and we tend to have a rotating crew concept so everyone who wants to can get a chance at improving their craft in various areas to find out what it is they truly love to do and do well. ***


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