Ragnarock’s Cabin – Indiegogo Campaign

Head over to Indiegogo and help fund our First Feature, Ragnarock’s Cabin! SYNOPSIS What was to suppose to be a quiet honeymoon retreat suddenly goes south for Mel and Dan as they find their picture perfect cottage, well not so picture perfect after all. To make matters worse once they get the place cleaned up a group of friends return (return!?!) to find the newlywed couple in THEIR cottage. Apparently the cottage has been a double booked and with neither side willing to leave they tough it out for the night, but in the morning things go from bad to worse as people start disappearing and then bodies start piling up and everyone accuses everyone else of being responsible! When will the madness end? Who is the killer? And what does that blue puppet have to do will all of this? This is ‘Ragnarock’s Cabin’, a independent Dark Comedy Thriller filming in Canada this fall! Who is HPFP? And why are you guys making a movie? HayPhoto.ca Film Productions is a Ottawa Based independent film group who likes to make movies. We have produced/work-on/supported over a two dozen short films and assisted on several features. So we decided, why not make our own? Now you might be saying “Hey! $4000 isn’t a lot to make a movie!” And your right! However, we already have a benefactor who is providing to us with a stat-of-the-are camera, a Sony NEX-FS700, and supporting lighting and sound gear; which is generally a major cost […]

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