Most of HPFP efforts are focused towards content creation of one of our many internally produced short films, web-series, or feature films, we also often provide support to the local Indie Film-making Scene in Ottawa as additional crew and equipment support.

Indie Film Support

If you need assistance behind the scenes of your next short film or feature, consider HPFP to support your creative endeavors getting to the big screen.

  • Producer
  • Director
  • Director of Photography
  • Screenplay and Scriptwriting Services
  • Sound & Lighting Assistants


If you have an event that needs good quality photographic or video coverage HPFP can provide you with full-event coverage:

  • On-Site Event Photographer or Filmographer
  • Assist Your Event’s team with Event Blog Photos/Videos as they happen
  • Create a Promotional Trailer
  • Provide video to show stakeholders the success of your event


HPFP is happy to work with local companies, charities and causes to create short promo or pitch videos:

  • Equipment to put your video above the norm
  • Camera Talent to give your video the ideal look of professionalism
  • Script writing services to take your message and fit it into the required running lenght
  • Full Production Support – Taking your concept from start to finish and handling everything inbetween.

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