NABShow: Pre-Trip Excitement

So excited about going to the NABShow this year, it will be my first time, its going to be a lot of fun but I don’t just jet across the country for no reason (well I do, but that’s a story for another day). I have four reasons to go to NABShow this year: Check Out Pro-Video Equipment which I’m looking at getting Promote the Ottawa Indie Film Scene Make Contacts with potential Indie film suppliers Check out the Cool Gear that I can’t afford right now 😛 Gear I’m Looking at: I’m looking at Upgrading my Lumix GH2 camera and set-up so I’ll be hitting up all the major camera players to check out their offerings. I’m also looking for a field monitor, so I’ll be visiting booths of companies such as SmallHD, Convergent Design and others. Also under consideration is a better Rail system (Matte Boxes, Follow Focus, Handles etc), I currently have a small Hondo Garage set-up but as I expand my shooting style the need for a rig is deafening. So I’ll be checking out RedRock Micro, Lanparte, Zacuto, etc. Finally I’ll be checking out an assortment of software solutions (Elements 1.6, easyDCP, etc) and film/video accessories such as filters, cables, and all that jazz. I’ll also be checking out new lenses (Cine) but I’m pretty happy with my Nikkors at the moment. I’m current running a PC set-up and using Adobe CS6 (cross fingers 6.5) and a few editing softwares such as Resolve and Effect […]

Super Zeros

No Powers? No Problem! Coming soon, to a theater near you!

Late Night Classics Presents – Promo

Most recently, HPFP’s in-house director Graeme Hay has been working on a side project for Belial Productions creating a series of short films called “Late Night Classics Presents” as a runner up for Belial’s first film “Late Night Classics Presents Gorilla”. Here is a promo video we just finished making before the project production was wrapped and went into post. The series is a prequel to Gorilla where we learn about the main characters Rigs and Mimsy Dearden. Enjoy!

Spring Snow Short – Casting Call

HPFP has teamed up with Vincent Valentino to test some new motion equipment this St. Patrick’s day (Sunday March 17th). We are looking for a dancer/actor to star in this short and provide a track able moving target. If you can play a musical instrument that would be a benefit. We are also looking for a couple for slower controlled shot testing. Non-Union & Volunteer for about 4-6 hours during the day. Email with your photo an a link to a recent acting work or demo reel. Best!

BTS – KissProofWorld Rotoshot

So I got called back for a second week of KissProofWorld as their DOP had yet to fully recover. This week we were shooting the ritual scene and a murder scene. For the ritual scene it required some fan dangling of the camera to get a smooth rotation shot of all the participants. I used a manfrotto super clamp, magic arm and 502AH fluid head to get the shot. Lighting was with a 312AS LED light panel with a red plastic for colour effect. The camera (GH2) was shooting upside down. I’m going to call this the Rotoshoot. In order watch the screen and to rotate the camera I positioned myself underneath (it was a solid setup but I still worried a bit the thing was going to crash on my head). The GH2 swivel screen was a godsend and I’ll have to get a field monitor for the next camera, the 502AH has a screw point for such a monitor holding arm. After the ritual scene we moved to another location which will be merged (via clever editing a blue screen/sheet) to match Jane Wiedlin who is performing a cameo in the movie and is located in California. But here is a shot of the lovely leading ladies… Followed up by a gruesome and fatally wounded Richard Greon… < All I have left is this stylized shot of the Crew hard at work (Vincent Valentino was DOPing the second half of the day) as I

KC-Lite Jib Review/First Try

Just Taking the KC-Lite Jib crane for a whirl in my living room. Not a lot of light so high ISO thus noise in the images, but its the movement I was looking for; GH2 with 20mm Pancake = 40mm equivalent lens on these shots and operating the crane myself. PROS: Nice & Light Well Constructed, this isn’t going to break anytime soon Carry-able in a small duffel bag (or you can get the Kessler Branded Bag) CONS Quite a bit jumpier then I would ideally prefer Really needs a vertical break for horizontal pans Set-up is a bit tricky (control bar can snap close on your hand). Camera Swivel Screen Hits the Control Bar, flip the crane upside down to solve the issue (see picture).   INTEREST Likely a vertical break (optional upgrade) would help a lot as well as a small video head rather than my ball head so I can do pans/tilts, so there is not a lot of inertia that has to be overcome. There is also a 5.5ft extension (front end of the jib) one can get if 8ft is too long, ideally I would of liked to see it like the pocket jib have the ability to shorten itself. Another note is that and jib relies on your Fluid head for smooth motion, which is a +/- depending on how nice a fluid head you have, I used a Manfrotto 502AH which worked well, although you need a weighty tripod (or sandbag/weight-bag) to ensure […]

BTS – Kiss Proof World

Got an early morning call from Dave Shaw this morning, his DOP was sick and he needed a stand in. So I spent the day working as the director of photography for some re-shoots due to earlier sound issues. The most exciting time of the day was when Dave, trying to drive two actress home and avoid the excessive numbers in his driveway accidentally got his car stuck in the snow drift. <center></center> I took some IR (infrared photography of the cast on hand that day) and one regular light BTS shot. Thanks Dave for making me a part of this great feature film project for the day! Thanks all for Now!

Heaven Cent – OIFF 72 Hour Submission

Here is my OIFF 72 hour challenge submission, Heaven Cent. A story of a young girl’s escape to freedom… This is by far my first attempt at a ‘serious’ drama. Please watch to the very end as the credits are important and a lot of people helped me make this and worked hard over 72 hours to make this film. BTS Photos!!! After the catch we sit down and hash out some plot ideas. Chantal getting ready for her first scene as lead actress Catherine and Patrick being Catherine and Patrick Chantal taking some of Daniel’s light away. Patrick has fast photo-smile reflexes Catherine getting Chantal in the ‘mood’ of the scene. Dave Shaw drops by to discuss how it would be great to shot his scene at his place because he in two films (at the same time). Thanks a Wrap!

BTS – Jordan’s OIFF

Had the opportunity to help behind the scenes on Jordan’s short film for OIFF 72 hour challenge. It’s a story about alimony and a penny. From what I saw it will be a must watch! Here are some BTS and Spoiler Shots: Then Dave had to go, and left us alone… and all I can say is that it got a little bit crazy…

OIFF 72 2013 Catch Release

The Ottawa International Film Festival 5th annual 72 Hour Film Challenge was kicked off by Nina Bains. Back this year again is the Ottawa Rock Lottery, providing music for filmmakers to use.