KC-Lite Jib Review/First Try

Just Taking the KC-Lite Jib crane for a whirl in my living room. Not a lot of light so high ISO thus noise in the images, but its the movement I was looking for; GH2 with 20mm Pancake = 40mm equivalent lens on these shots and operating the crane myself. PROS: Nice & Light Well Constructed, this isn’t going to break anytime soon Carry-able in a small duffel bag (or you can get the Kessler Branded Bag) CONS Quite a bit jumpier then I would ideally prefer Really needs a vertical break for horizontal pans Set-up is a bit tricky (control bar can snap close on your hand). Camera Swivel Screen Hits the Control Bar, flip the crane upside down to solve the issue (see picture).   INTEREST Likely a vertical break (optional upgrade) would help a lot as well as a small video head rather than my ball head so I can do pans/tilts, so there is not a lot of inertia that has to be overcome. There is also a 5.5ft extension (front end of the jib) one can get if 8ft is too long, ideally I would of liked to see it like the pocket jib have the ability to shorten itself. Another note is that and jib relies on your Fluid head for smooth motion, which is a +/- depending on how nice a fluid head you have, I used a Manfrotto 502AH which worked well, although you need a weighty tripod (or sandbag/weight-bag) to ensure […]

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